My name is Quinn. I'm a mathematician who fell in love with programming starting with my first TI-83. This site is a chance for me to catalog my work and to gain a greater understanding of my process and design by explaining it to others. Have a look around, and enjoy!

Plate Tectonic Simulation

The plate techtonics simulation shown here is intended as an eventual world generator for grid based games. Thumbnails with a teal border are simulations that can be streamed from world initialization to completion. After the world appears, it can be spun by clicking and dragging. Mobile devices may get poor framerates, and streaming simulations does require a significant amount of data (on the order of 500MB each).

Details on how I've constructed the simulation can be found on my blog.

Other Projects

A tabletop game assistant I'm working on.
Sample calendar I built while learning React.
The paper accompanying a lecture I gave on partial differential equations.